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Skateboarding courses


Frequently asked questions

Can I learn to skateboard?

Yes, everyone can. Learn the simple building blocks of skateboarding at your own speed. Then put them together to learn to push, kick turn, drop in and more....

Do I have the right skateboard?

Having the right skateboard is a key part of learning to skateboard. You can book a lesson in person and try a skateboard before you buy. We also have a buyers guide for beginner skateboards.

How do I access the courses?

If you book a skateboard lesson with us, access to the graduation system is included as part of that. You can also pay a subscription to learn and graduate online. 

How do I graduate to the progressing class?

You need to pass your Beginner Grading. You need to do The Drop In (unassisted), answer some questions, and get the Beginner Grading Package....

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